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Andy Mutz

About Andy Mutz

Andy brings over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, sales and support of process equipment and components for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Before founding Verus Process Equipment, he was a Project Engineer with Sanborn, Manufacturing Manager with CARR Separations, Project Manager with 3S Stainless (now ABEC) and Sales Manager with Casella Process Solutions. Andy also has North American sales responsibility for Ezi-Dock Systems Ltd. He attended the Hobart School of Welding Technology, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and an MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University.

Ezi-Dock Systems Ltd

Ezi-Dock Systems provides high containment powder transfer equipment as an alternative to outmoded stainless steel split butterfly valves. A selection of Chargebags, Process Bottles, flexible adapters and continuous liner can be configured to solve a wide range of handling applications for potent or sensitive materials. Whether reactor charging, dry blending, compaction, granulation and tablet press feed or discharge, Ezi-Dock will maintain OEB5 containment in a cost effective manner. For single use mixers, consider the benefits of an optional All Plastic CSV4 lightweight disposable system.

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Fluid Path Products

Fluid Path Products is an American manufacturer of gaskets, O-rings and molded polymer specialties with two US production sites focused on Silicone, EPDM, Viton and PTFE. They bring years of manufacturing and supply chain expertise to their existing products and are poised to introduce revolutionary new materials and components for bioprocessing.

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Metenova delivers the most advanced magnetic drive bottom entry mixers available today. The levitating design of Zero-g, High Power and High Shear mixers dramatically improves reliability, extends bearing life and allows dry operation. The innovative ZF Free Floating mixer is a fully non-contact device for high value and shear sensitive products. Discover how to put Metenova’s decades of mixing experience to work for you.

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Equilibar’s patented dome loaded multiple orifice back pressure regulators offer flow turndown ratios unmatched by mechanical regulators. The simple design eliminates friction and hysteresis while allowing the regulator to rapidly respond to changing process conditions. With their stainless steel regulators well proven in a range of demanding environments, the Equilibar SD single use series now provides that same capability in a cost effective and compact disposable format. Rely on Equilibar for your most demanding back pressure control applications.

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